Your personal Design team

Whether you own a wrap shop and are in need of a design team, or are an individual looking for a bespoke vinyl wrap or livery design, we will work with you all the way from rendering to reality! 

While some vinyl wrap shops have designers on staff, they are not equipped to provide the quality of renderings, design concepts, and customer experience that some projects require. We are a design team consisting of two young car enthusiasts, and strive to solve these problems by focusing on the client, design, and visualization, while allowing the wrap shop to focus on the installation.


When creating a design, our main focus is on satisfying the customer's needs. Whether it be a simple accent design, or a complex full body livery, we provide consistent attention to detail to assure an imposing design encompassing all requirements is created. Our simplistic approach has proven extremely effective. In just over a year of designing vinyl wraps professionally, we have set many design trends in the industry. The "fangs" we designed for Team Salamone in 2015 have been copied on many Lamborghinis around the world- and some of our designs haven been replicated down to the most intricate details in various countries. Our goal when designing is to create an iconic wrap that will stand the test of time, set trends, and wow the world. 


Throughout the design process, we create strong visual representations using photo-realistic renderings. Our renderings are amongst the best in the industry. We accurately represent your vehicle, any modifications it may have, vinyl finishes, and more. Visualize your dream design in a variety of environments before any vinyl is even installed on the vehicle. We can even go above and beyond the design process and render new wheels, tire stickers, aero components, tint, or anything that will compliment your design and bring your build closer to completion. 


Interested? Email us at, or click the link below and we will be in touch shortly!